The Integrity of Reverse Supply Chain using Blockchain Technology

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Over the past decade or so, there has been a rapid development in e-commerce services. Digitization has led to a focus on the user experience. Online retail has moved from multichannel to omnichannel to provide various e-commerce services. Today it has become very easy for users to buy products and services and also return these products if not found satisfactory. A service like return and exchange is a standard part of any digital e-commerce platform today if they want to remain in business. For this to work out a very efficient and solid reverse supply chain (RSC) is necessary. However, over the recent years, the RSC has become a favorite target and has been attacked multiple times elevating reputation risk for companies. A lot of Manpower and Training is required to manage this situation. This paper proposes a solution using blockchain technology (BT) to prevent fraudulent activity and benefit the producer-consumer ecosystem. BT can streamline and reduce the efforts to ensure the integrity of the supply chain by sharing accurate product information to all parties without the fear of any data manipulation.

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