Modern Practices in Project Management of Turnkey Construction Projects

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This paper discusses the ultramodern practices being followed in operation of Turnkey engineering and construction systems similar as, canvas and gas units, refineries, power shops, petrochemical factory and other capital systems. The term “Turnkey” describes a design in which the service provider or the contractor takes the single point responsibility to complete the design in all aspects and hands over to holder/ client in a ready to use state. Any design prosecution has to take care of schedule (timeline), cost and quality. The ultramodern practices followed widely from generalization to commissioning in terms of Engineering, Procurement. Construction, QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental) have also been talked over. Through all phases of the Turnkey design, certain software tools are used to optimize the. engineering results, cover the progress of design prosecution on a day-to-day base, force. and track the particulars ordered, attune the particulars/ accoutrements that are bought and used for the design, control the pre commissioning and commissioning conditioning etc. The varied Gate reviews to be carried out at applicable phase of the design prosecution have also been addressed. The design operation is a united trouble of the contractor and proprietor. The ultramodern practices followed by the contractor are discussed and consequently the design operation ways of the contractor are presented. The turnkey results in IT and robotics assiduity are also discussed

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