Design and Fabrication of Footpath Cleaning Machine

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Mr. R.S.Nhavkar
Mr. G. P. Zambre
Mr. R. N. Barhate
Mr. S. A. Narkhede
Mr. Y. G. Bhole


Our study shows that dirt besides the road causes uncleanness and accident problems. We had developed a semiautomatic road side cleaning machine that insures that dust and dirt in sides of road should be clean. Our design proposes and successfully implemented the use of scrubber and brush that will remove the dust and collect it in to the storage box in which the scrubber is driven by engine which removes the dust and throws it into the path of brush. This brush is driven by speed amplification mechanism which consists of chain and gear drive separately. The motion of brush allows to push the removed dust into the storage box.
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Mr. R.S.Nhavkar, Mr. G. P. Zambre, Mr. R. N. Barhate, Mr. S. A. Narkhede, & Mr. Y. G. Bhole. (2022). Design and Fabrication of Footpath Cleaning Machine. International Organization of Research & Development | IORD | www.iord.In | Research and Development, 10(1). Retrieved from

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