Dynamic Analysis of Suspension System Used in All-Terrain Vehicle

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Prof. N. A. Kharche
Dr. C. R. Patil


The suspension of a road vehicle is usually designed with two objectives namely: to isolate the vehicle body from road irregularities and to maintain contact of the wheels with the roadway. Independent suspension systems can be provided by a variety of linkages between the stub axle carrying the wheel and the vehicle chassis. The most popular combinations in modern passenger cars are the double wishbone suspension system. The double wishbone configurations can give vertical movement close to perpendicular relative to the tier- contact surface. The wishbone linkages arrangement provides very good wheel adhesion and optimum wheel control. In addition, the double wishbone suspension system provides a whole new range of possibilities regarding the application of computer systems which would provide active suspension control to suite various conditions.
The main aim of this project is to optimize the upper control arm, lower control arm, and knuckle of the wishbone suspension system to loading. The present project work has created a Finite Element Model for wishbone suspension using Solid work. Later the boundary conditions, material properties and analysis were done in Ansys software.
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