Study, Design and Manufacture of a 3D Printer Prototyping

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Mr. S. R. Mundale
Mr. Rohan Dandge
Mr.Dnyanratna Wankhede
Mr. Rahul Kandelkar


Desktop fabrication is another name for 3D printing. It is a procedure where a structure is created from a 3D model. The three-dimensional model is saved in STL format and then sent to a three-dimensional printer. In 3D printing variety of materials, like composites, ABS and PLA. A rapidly evolving and economically advantageous method of fast prototyping is 3D printing. The 3D printer creates an actual thing by layer by layer printing the CAD design. Inkjet desktop printers that use numerous deposit jets and printing material that is built up layer by layer from CAD 3D data are the origin of the 3D printing technology. Mass production techniques will face considerable challenges in the future thanks to 3D printing. This particular printing is anticipated.

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