Optimization of Combined Energy Usage: A Case in Healthcare Industry

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Shruti Khairnar
Milind Sakhardande


Implementing strategic Energy Management techniques based on energy hub modelling and demand side management approach has grabbed the attention, in the recent past. Government has enforced various policies/ laws to optimize the energy usage. Laws and policies addressing water and air pollution, chemical and oil spills, smog, drinking water quality, land conservation and management, wild life protection, etc. are implemented. While attaining energy efficiency, it is also important to minimize the capital cost and operating/ maintenance cost. Energy hub is one of the promising methods in a system where diverse energy carriers are involved. Having a closed system in which energy source and energy demand communicating through control/ feedback network further improves the efficiency of the system. Hence, devising an effective demand side management method, also plays critical role in attaining energy efficient system. Instead of optimizing one process/ system, it is proposed to link various systems together and then implement optimization technique.
This review paper showcases the advantages of implementing energy hub model and demand side management together, on single entity having varied energy source and diverse energy demand. This energy management approach is explained based on real world health care unit having huge energy demand and diversified usage. Constraints for optimizing demand side usage are more stringent than any other usual building as demand cannot be compromised since it is involving the risk to life. This paper describes the methodology to be used for implementation of this energy management approach. Possible results are interpreted for different conditions.

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