An AHBeeP Swarm Intelligence Optimization Protocol for Wireless Routing in MANET

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Prof. A. V. Zade


The world around us is becoming increasingly complex every day and changes dynamically. The problems that we face require adaptive and scalable systems that can offer solutions with an ever-rising level of autonomy. Traditional approaches are becoming obsolete because they were designed for a simpler world. Therefore, any advancement in understanding and solving complex problems can have an impact on the entire set of disciplines in engineering, biology, sociology, etc.

Swarm Intelligence is a problem-solving comportment that occurs as a result of a diversity of interactions between independent components that make up the entire system. The algorithms stimulated by the supportive behavior of nature in colonies of animals and social insects, were initially applied to solve the traditional optimization problems. Swarm intelligence derived from the biological study of social insects and insight about how they manage to solve composite problems in their daily lives. Exploration field as swarm systems are examples of behavior-based systems. In today’s scenario the main challenge is to transfer the packets of data from source system to destination system. In the proposed approach the optimization is used for transferring the data packets based on the honey bee’s intelligence to communicate each other in the form of dancing language that can be useful for finding the shortest route in the wireless networks and also in optimized way of path finding.

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