Application of coconut coir for eco-friendly insulated sandwich panel

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Trishul P Kulkarni


Construction of affordable and environmentally-sensible home at fast pace is one of the major demand as natural insulation materials works with low carbon emission and becoming widely recognized for their sustainability. Natural insulation materials often require a greater thickness of insulation in comparison with standard materials. In the present work three types of coconut coir sheets sample are prepared and thermal conductivity measurement experiment is carried out. It is reported that virgin coconut coir sheet had shown the maximum thermal conductivity while double side coated coconut coir sheet has shown least thermal conductivity.
The cost effectiveness is also evaluated and it is found that the double side. The double coated coconut coir sheet exhibited various promising parameter being lightweight, impervious to insect and waterproof, able to insulate the core from heat providing good axial compressive strength. Studies still need to be carried out for being fire resistant and for providing better acoustical resistance.

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