Online Career Counsellor System based on Artificial Intelligence: An approach

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Divya Manoj Bhnushali
Prashant Itankar


Most students currently are facing challenges in deciding their careers. As the students are belonging through their academics, they need to realize their capabilities and check their areas of interest so that they will decide which career is best suited for them. This system will help nowadays youth to decide which career path is best for their future that brings out the best results if they choose that prescribed career. This will help in improving the performance of the student and also motivate their interest so that they will be focused on their targeted career. This system is based on a test that a student has to perform and depend on the answers that are provided by the student, it will generate a summarized result. The main aim of this system is to provide an overview of the Artificial Intelligence techniques that we used to predict the performance of the student. This system will also be focusing on the way we are using prediction algorithms to identify attributes in student data. Using this system proved to be beneficial for the students, Educational Institutions, and educators also.

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