Solution combustion synthesis of nano crystalline La0.67 (Sr0.25Ca0.75)0.33MnO3 powder and its characterizations

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M. Javed
S. S. Ghosh


Alkali earth metal doped lanthanum manganite have applications as cathode material in modern solid oxide fuel cells and as low field magneto resistance materials. A large scale production of such materials is thus needed by a low cost method which consumes minimum time and is least energy extensive. Many methods of preparation like solid state synthesis, amorphous citrate process, freeze drying, spray, sol-gel, nitrate method and self propagating high temperature synthesis etc. have been reported by various researchers.
We have synthesized La0.67 (Sr0.25Ca0.75)0.33MnO3 by a solution combustion method using a unique combination of oxidant and fuel by using stoichometric mixture of La2O3, SrCO3, CaCO3, Mn(CH3COO)2.4H2O. Maintaining stoichometry in such compounds is a challenge due to the hygroscopic nature of oxides and carbonates. Therefore the oxides and carbonates must be pre-heated at proper temperature and for a definite time to get rid of the moisture.
In the present work, we have undertaken the study of effect of preheating the initial reactants on the stoichiometry of above materials synthesized by a solution combustion method. The material has been characterized by XRD, SEM, EDX etc. which has confirmed the formation of highly homogenous nanoparticles of average.

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