Utilization of Human Hair Fiber to Stabilize Black Cotton Soil

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J. U. Patil
P. R.Chopade


Land pollution is one of the primary concerns of today. So, conservation of natural resources and utilization of solid waste materials is necessary to deal with the problems of disposal of solid waste. The solid waste can be utilized in the construction and development industries depending upon their suitability. Such A solid waste material is Human Hair Fiber (HHF). The main aim of this paper is utilization of human hair fibres as a soil stabilizer to modify the properties of black cotton soil. investigate the suitability of solid waste material such as human hair fibers in the process of soil stabilization. It is an analysis to study the influence of HHF on the characteristics of black cotton soil. It is used as a soil strengthening material which can enhance the properties of soil in the field of geotechnical engineering. In this study HHF is randomly mixed with these soils in the proportion of fiber (0,1,2,3 & 4%) by weight of soil. The properties such as specific gravity, index properties and strength were determined and compared with non-reinforced soil. The findings show an enhancement in the properties of soil with the inclusion of HHF.The soil sample were treated with different percentages of human hair. The strength of soil sample increased up to 1.2% and then it decreased.

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