A Review on Image retrieval using Hash Method

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Ms. Shivani Gulabsingh Rajput


To represent each set images from multiple set effectively exploited for representation May probabilistic distribution method was use to compare the sets and makes the system slow for comparison. But for large set it is very difficult to compromise with system and hence compact representation of each set must require for retrieving images. Learning-based hashing is the method which was used on large scale for retrieving of data.
Whereas many hashing method encodes the image individually for representation of same object or the user. During the research resolving of the hash method by making use of some network model parameters helps to retrieve the image in less processing time and with greater accuracy. During the query of the image searching a CNN module is used to extract the feature which segregates the two types set including set specific and database specific. In this paper the proposed system make use of hashing method to retrieve the image in easy and less processing time manner.

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