Use of Emerging Technologies in Education system: An Overview

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Manjiri Ulhas Karande


Education is considered the key to development in all over the world. Education has evolved over the years. The evolution of In all aspects of educational process including the nature of classrooms, quality of content, methodologies, mode of students’ engagement, and evaluation the advancement of Emerging Technology (ETs) plays vital role. The emerging technologies impact effectively in learning and teaching to bring the best benefit to learners and teachers. Educational technology has changed the face of education over the years. Commonly it is said that every teaching and learning activity is influenced by the technology present at a given time. Emerging technology is generally the introduction of computers and the related technological devices into the educational field. India has recently been advancing communications technologies at a level and step unlike any other region. Equally, online educational information systems have a huge amount of data related to students in digital education. Researchers and educators alike recognize the numerous benefits of information and communications technologies for teaching and learning. This paper presents an overview of emerging technologies used and innovations in education system.

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