Smart Cane for Visually Impaired Based on IoT

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Ms. Smita B Zanke


Portability of the blind people will not gate access correctly so thereis so much amount of minimum memory space available Visual impairment can be termed as blindness or vision loss. This impairment causes many difficulties in their day-to-day activities such as in reading, walking, socializing, and driving. The white cane is considered to be the symbol of freedom, independence, and confidence. The proposed smart cane is designed with obstacle detection module, heat detection, water detection, light detection, pit and staircase detection using InfraRed (IR) sensor, GPS (Global Positioning System), and GSM(Global System for Mobile) which helps them to accomplish his/her daily tasks with ease. The obstacle detection module uses ultrasonic range along with camera to detect the obstacles which intimates that the obstacle is detected and also about what the obstacle is? We use Raspberry Pi to inform the impaired user about what the object is and it is sent as a voice message through headset. The GPS is used to identify the current location of the person which is sent as a text message and also as a voice message through headset. Traffic signals are identified by using Raspberry Pi and intimate the user through headset whether to wait for the signal or move.

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