A Review on Scalable and Efficient Server for Mobile Services

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Mahesh Shastri


A mobile device consist of mobile presence service consist of current status (online/offline), GPS location and network address, and also updates the user’s online friends continually. As the number of mobile users were increasing very rapidly the number of message delivered to mobile presence server create a scalability problem in large scale social media. To overcome with this problem, we propose server architecture, called Presence Cloud which is more efficient and scalable. Presence Cloud uses a server-to-server architecture to organize presence servers. It contains a directed search algorithm and a one-hop caching strategy to achieve small constant search latency. Whenever a mobile user enters into the network, Presence cloud search for mobile user’s friends and notify them about the arrival of the mobile user. On the basis of search satisfaction level and search cost the performance of Presence Cloud is analyzed. Search satisfaction level is the time taken by presence server to search friend list of the arrived user in the network. Search cost is the total number of messages generated by presence server after arrival of user. The result shows that presence cloud achieves performance gains in the search cost without compromising search satisfaction.

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