A Study on Solution for Power Quality issues present in Power System

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Ms. Komal P.Hole
Ms. Sanjivani R. Wadekar


This paper described about the power quality problems in power systems and their solutions with the help of power electronics based equipment. Different types of active power filters are described. The increased severity of power quality in power networks has attracted the attention of power engineers to develop solutions to the power quality problems. The instruments designed for overcome the power quality issues, generally known as active filters, are also called active power line conditioners, and are able to compensate current and voltage harmonics, reactive power, control terminal voltage, suppress flicker, and to improve voltage balance in three-phase systems. The advantage of active filtering is that it automatically detects the changes in network and load fluctuations. They can compensate for several harmonic orders, and are not affected by major changes in network characteristics and also removing the risk of resonance between the filter and network impedance. Active power filters are differentiating on the type of converter, topology, control scheme, and compensation characteristics. The major classification is based on the topology such as series, shunt, and hybrid.

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