A Review on Design & Fabrication of Road cum Railway Swing Bridge

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Parag R. Chopade
Snehal S. Pawar
Jyoti U. Patil


This study deals with the basic concepts and steps involved in the design and analysis of a swing bridge. There are different types of movable bridges used worldwide in the field of bridge construction, while Swing Bridges can be a better alternative from the point of view of safety as well as economy. As we all know now day’s waterway transportation is quite famous and very useful to shorten distances. Generally, when we talk about waterway transportation we assume about a ship crossing the river or a bridge over it for vehicular traffic, but assume that both can be achieved at the same time and same location. The main purpose of this study is to provide information about the swing bridge and promote its use in the construction of bridges.

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Parag R. Chopade, Snehal S. Pawar, & Jyoti U. Patil. (2022). A Review on Design & Fabrication of Road cum Railway Swing Bridge. International Organization of Research & Development | IORD | www.iord.In | Research and Development, 10(1). Retrieved from https://iord.in/index.php/iord/article/view/67