A Review on Study of Properties of Pervious Concrete Mixed with The Plastic (Pet) Fibre

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Jyoti U. Patil
Snehal Pawar
Parag Chopade


Pervious concrete is a special type of concrete which consist of course aggregate water. As there is no fine aggregate in the concrete mix the void content is more which allow the water flow through its body. So the pervious concrete is also called as permeable concrete and porous concrete. There is lot of research work is going in field of pervious concrete. The compressive strength of pervious concrete is less when compared to the conventional concrete as there are voids and less fine aggregate. Hence uses of pervious concrete are limited even though it has lot of advantages. The main aim of our paper is to improve the compressive strength and maintain permeability of pervious concrete. So we are adding waste (PET) bottles. Fibers which are cut into small thread of waste (PET) bottle and we have taken fibers of that small piece. Different proportion of plastic fibers is added in pervious concrete trial 1%, 2% and 3% after the mixing of plastic fiber. Compressive strength and permeability test perform on these blocks.
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